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Peptide Services


Custom Peptide Synthesis

From 2aa to 200aa,mg to kg,short delivery time and affordable price


Peptide Modification

More than 500 N- and C-terminal and internal peptide modifications to propel your research forward


Large Scale Peptide Synthesis

Facilities for up to kilogram-scale synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis

 Delivery Time

For unpurified peptides lead time will be 3 weeks, and 4-5 weeks for purified peptides >95% to >98%. Difficult or complex peptides may takes longer delivery time. Prices include mass spectral analysis, HPLC tracing, and COA.
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Priveel Peptides will assure the complete confidentiality of all proprietary information we receive during the course of fulfilling any of our custom services.


Product Report

A complete QC report will be included with each delivered product such as HPLC profile, Mass Spectrometry and Synthesis Report. NMR, IR, UV, Elemental Analysis, Water Content and Amino Acid Analysis data will be available upon special request. But additional cost will be charged.


Significant discount will be offered for large/batch peptide orders or for first time customers.

Peptide Modification

Priveel Peptides create peptides with the exact conformation or characteristics needed for a given application through the addition of modifications. Peptides in general and specific amino acids have distinct moieties that are amenable to modification, including:
    N-terminal amino group
    C-terminal carboxy group
    ε-Amino group on lysine
    Hydroxyl group on serine, threonine and tyrosine
    Guanidine group on arginine
    Thiol group on cysteine
Priveel Peptides offer more than 500 N- and C-terminal and internal peptide modifications to give you the custom peptides that you need to propel your research forward. The following peptide modifications based on type to help you quickly determine which modification will best suit your needs.

Tagged Peptides


Stapled Peptides 

Isotope Labeling Peptides                 

FRET Peptides                     




N-methyl Amino Acids                     

Multiple Disulfide bonds                     

Multiple Antigenic Peptides                     


Metal Chelators                     

Linkers & Spacers                     

Long Peptides                     


Fluorescently Labeled Peptides                     

Fatty Acid Conjugation                     

Cyclic Peptides

Carrier Protein                     

Biotinylated Peptides                     

C-terminal Modifications                     

N-terminal Modifications

Large Scale Peptide Synthesis

When compared to the Standard Peptide Synthesis Service, the Large-Scale Synthesis service maintains all the original features, such as guaranteed high purity and high success rate in synthesis of extremely long peptides (up to 200 amino acids). Furthermore, preliminary costing, project review, R&D, process optimization, and detailed qualification reports will be used to ensure the successful and efficient delivery of your peptides.

Key Features
1. One-on-one managing of each project
2. Process optimization of synthetic route
3. Highly ensured purity at >95% 


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